Internet Scrabble Club


SYNTAX : vars ['player']

• This command lists the settings of the variables of the specified player. If no player is specified , you are chosen. You can change your variables with the 'set' command.
dictionary - your default dictionary.

time - your default time for a game.
rated - determines if the game will count in your statistics.
challenge - determines the rule for a wrong challenge.
noescape - determines the action when someone is disconnected during a game.
private - determines if an observer can see your tiles.
formula - a challenger must satisfy it.
sound - turns sound on or off.
tell - determine if you receive tells from restricted accounts.

quietplay - determine what message you see while you are playing.
mood - determines what challenges you can receive.
censor - what rights you have.
status - your status(player , admin , computer, helper , bot).
chat - your default chat channel.
channels - the channels in which you can send and read messages.
adjudication time - the time in minutes your opponent must wait for you to reconnect to a game with noescape ON.

SEE ALSO : set  , finger