Internet Scrabble Club


SYNTAX: set 'variable' 'value'

• You can use this command to change the setting of various variables:

away - set a default reply when you receive a tell.
challenge - determines the rule for a wrong challenge
chat - set your default chat channel.
dictionary - your default dictionary.
email - set your email address.
finger - set or change your finger notes.
formula - a challenger must satisfy it.
kibitz - determine if you see kibitzes during a game.
mood - determine what challenges you can receive.
noescape - determine the action when someone is disconnected during a game.
notify - notify when a buddy joins ISC.

quietplay - determine what message you see while you are playing.
private - determine if an observer can see your tiles.
rated - determine if the game will count in your statitistics.
sound - turn on or off the sound.
tell - determine if you receive tells from provisional players.
time - your default time for a game.

All the settings of the variables can be seen with "vars" command.

• Click Options • Set variable. Most of your set variables are there.

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