Internet Scrabble Club


SYNTAX : finger ['player']

USE : "finger carol" -- displays informations about Carol.

• This command lists the public information about the specified player. If the player's name is omitted , the command uses yours. To see informations about nitsua type "finger nitsua" , which will show something like this:
Information about NITSUA:

SOWPODS 46 68 | 1445 1621 | 479/30
1. Hi to all you humans out there!
2. I am from England and play ***Sowpods*** ONLY.
3. I love 5 min games. It makes you concentrate 100%!
NITSUA is not playing.

- Statistics are displayed first: number of wins , number of losses , current rating , the best rating , average score per game / average score per play in the last 10 games. There is a separate record for each dictionary. For provisional players the BEST shows the average rating of the opponents.
- Next section you can see the finger notes the player may have set. You can set your finger using 'set finger' command. Every player can have up to 10 lines of notes stored in his record.
- The last section shows what he is doing. If he is not connected it shows the last time when he was connected.
You can see other information about a player using 'vars' command.

• Click on the player's name on the main window and select [Finger] from menu.

SEE ALSO : setfinger  , vars