Internet Scrabble Club


• The adjudication process is automatically started by the server when one player is disconnected and the game has the noescape flag ON. The process is canceled if the other player is also disconnected or if he starts a new game. After few minutes the player who is still connected will win the game if he is ahead. Otherwise the game will end with no rating adjustment. To avoid the situation when a player makes a big play then diconnects , the last play doesn't count if it was not his turn when he lost contact.

• The adjudication time is 5 minutes for players with a VERY LOW level of unfinished games and decreases with 1 minute for each level. The adjudication time can be lower if a player has more than 1 game adjourned. For every additional game adjourned the adjudication time decreases with 1 minute. Vars command shows your adjudication time.

• If you have an adjourned game , please try to finish it. When your opponent is logged in , you can type 'match name' to resume the game , where name is the opponent's name.

SEE ALSO : setnoescape , adjourned , resume , vars