Internet Scrabble Club


SYNTAX : adjourned ['player']

"adjourned" -- shows your adjourned games.
"adjourned Carol" -- shows Carol's adjourned games.

• This command displays all the specified player's adjourned games. If the player's name is omitted , the command uses your name.
• Games are adjourned when one player quits , when the players agree to adjourn , or when the system is shut down.
• If you have an adjourned game with Carol , you can use "match Carol" to continue the game.
• An adjourned game is stored for at least 3 days. Please make an effort to finish your adjourned games since they count against your adjudication time.

• To see your adjourned games click on the main window and select [Adjourned] from the menu. To see someone else's adjourned games click on his name and select [Adjourned].

SEE ALSO : adjudication , match , resume