Internet Scrabble Club


SYNTAX : tell 'player' 'msg'

"tell Carol Hi!" -- sends the message 'Hi!' to Carol.
"tell 20 Hi!" -- sends the message in the channel 20.
".Hi!" -- sends the message to the last person or channel you have talked.

• Tell command is the major method to communicate on the ISC. You can use this command to send a message to a player or in a channel.
• The general syntax is 'tell who msg' , where who is the player's name or the channel number , msg is the message that you want to send.

• To talk with your opponent select from the pull down menu [Tell] , type your message and press enter.
• Every person who has sent you a tell or to whom you have sent a tell is kept in a list. To avoid typing 'tell name' each time you send a message , press key until you get the person's name.
• You can use a dot '.' instead of 'tell name' or 'tell #' to talk with the last person you have sent a tell or in the last channel.

SEE ALSO : channel , message , setchat , conduct