Internet Scrabble Club


SYNTAX : channel [+|- 'number']

• Channels on ISC are used for group discussion. You can join and leave any channel , and talk to all people in a channel. You can be in all channels at one time.
Use "channel" to get a list of channels.
Use "channel +20" to join channel 20 and hear what's said on it.
Use "channel -20" to leave channel 20.
Use "tell 20 Hi" to say 'Hi' on channel 20. Use ". howdy" to say 'howdy' to the last channel you talked in.
Use "vars someone" to see what channels that persone is in.
Use "finger 20" to see who is in channel 20.
Use "chat 20" to open a chat window for channel 20.

SEE ALSO : tell , conduct , setchat