Internet Scrabble Club


All games on ISC are timed with a clock for each player. Your clock runs while it is your turn to move. Your opponent's clock runs while it is his turn to move. The clock measures your thinking time.

The 'initial time' is the amount of time you start with on your clock, in minutes. The 'increment' is the number of minutes that are added onto your clock after each move you make.

'Lag' is a delay in receiving a response to a command you have sent to the ISC server. When you send a command to the ISC, it travels through a variety of computers and communications equipment to the ISC. A normal lag time is under 1 second but sometimes it can be 1 minute.

1) Why did time get added to my opponent's clock?
Lag can cause your opponent's clock to appear to gain time, if he was having a long lag while his move was being sent to the ISC. He gets compensated for that time. 'Increments' in the time control also add time to the clocks.

2) Why do I lose time after getting disconnected?
There is a 10 seconds penalty if you get disconnected during a game.

SEE ALSO : settime  , forfeit