Internet Scrabble Club


• Clabbers is a variant of Scrabble. You can use anagrams of acceptable words, but you can place the letters as you like to maximise your score. Secondary words must also fulfil the same rules.

• E.g. the word TIE, could be played on the board as EIT if you want.


Words formed are NITRIDE, FIGURATE, VOL.
Secondary words are EF, GI, TE, LUR, etc.

-• ISC doesn't have explicit support for clabbers at this time. If you play clabbers you will have to have an agreement with your opponent. You can find opponents in channel 80, type "who c80" to see who is in channel 80 or send a tell in that channel asking for a game.

NOTE: We strongly suggest you play only unrated clabbers games.