Internet Scrabble Club


SYNTAX : set formula 'min' 'max' 'flag1' 'flag2' 'flag3'

• Each player has a formula used to filter the players who receive his seek request. If your 'mood' variable is 1 this formula is also used to filter the seek and match requests that you receive.
• A formula has five parameters:
min = minimum rating of the opponent.
max = maximum rating of the opponent.
flag1 = ON if you accept to play with provisional players, OFF otherwise.
flag2 = ON if you want to play only with players who are contributory members, OFF otherwise.
flag3 = ON if you want to play only with players who have signed the Fair-Play agreement, OFF otherwise.
• "set formula 1000 1200 OFF" shows that you are interested in players who have a rating between 1000 - 1200 and an established rating(more than 10 rated games played).

• You can change your formula when you make a seek request. [Seek a game] button opens a window which contains your formula.

SEE ALSO : setmood , provisional