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Play a game

When you start a game in the main console window you can see the parameters for that game. Parameters are set by the player who made the challenge:
dictionary - in this screen shot TWL98
time - initial time 24 minutes and increment time 0 minutes. Increment is added after each play.
rated - an unrated game does not count in your stats and does not change your rating, a rated game does.
noescape - if a player is disconnect and noescape is ON the game will be adjudicated by the system after a few minutes. If noescape is OFF the game is adjourned and you can resume it later by matching your opponent.
challenge - challenge controls what happens when you challenge a word and you are wrong: for SINGLE there is no penalty, for DOUBLE you pass that turn.

When you start a game the scrabble board is updated. For each player is dispayed the rating(in brakets), ISC handle, current score and time left. The player who goes first is always in the left side and has blue tiles.

To place a word click on the starting point. An arrow will indicate the starting position and the direction. Use keyboard to enter your word.
You can make moves by dragging tiles with your mouse. ? marks are blanks and they can replace any letter, right or left click on a blank until you get the desired letter.
In the right down corner of the main window you can see the score for your play as you place your tiles.

To submit your word press Enter key or click DONE button.

Change button will open a new window where you can exchange some or all of your tiles. You can exchange tiles if there are at least 7 tiles left.
Click Challenge button to challenge your opponent's last play.
Action button gives you 3 options:
- resign to resing the game. You will lose at a standard score difference of 200 points.
- abort. An aborted game will not count in your stats and doesn't change your rating. You can abort the game directly if there isn't a play made by each player otherwise your opponent must agree.
- adjourn will let you interrupt the game. You can resume it later by matching your opponent. An adjourned game is kept for 3 days if not resumed it is erased. Your opponent must agree in order to adjourn a game.

The status bar at the bottom of the main window displays the number of tiles left. When there are less than 40 tiles you can see them all. Your opponent's tiles are included but not counted. In the right side you can see the score of your play as you place the tiles.

You can always see the tile left using pool command