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Find a player

Display information about a player

Finger command lists the public information about the specified player. To see information about muzjik type "finger muzjik". You can also click on a name and select finger option from the menu.

The buddies list

On ISC you can have a list of friends. Buddies panel displays information about friends who are online and what they are doing. When a friend joins or leaves ISC you will be notified.

To add someone in your buddies list right click on a name and select buddies + option from the menu. To remove someone select buddies -.
You can also use buddies command to edit your list, type:
budd + guizmo to add guizmo
budd - guizmo to remove guizmo
budd to see the list

A symbol comes after the name giving some information about the status of the player:
* - involved in a game
^ - observing a game
E - examining a game
C - computer player
B - robot
! - ISC admin
H - ISC helper
The players are displayed with different colors according to which dictionary they use:
black - computer players
blue - TWL98 players
aqua - SOWPODS
yellow - ODS
red - LOC2000
light blue - PARO
brown - SWL

Players online

You can use who command to get a list of players currently online. There are a number of optional flags, that select which players to show. You can also list only players in a certain rating range, type:
"who t" - to get a list of TWL98 players.
"who s 1100 1200" to get a list of sowpods players with ratings in the range 1100 to 1200.