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Communicate on ISC

The tell command allows you to send a personal message to another ISC member. Use tell handle message, where handle is the player you want to talk to, and message is your message.

Every person who has sent you a tell or to whom you have sent a tell is kept in a list. To avoid typing tell handle each time you send a message, press the Insert key until you get the person's name.
To talk with your opponent select from the pull down menu Tell , type your message and press Enter key.

The message command is a way to send a message to someone who is not logged in. You cannot withdraw a message that you have sent to someone. The message will be diplayed when that person logs in. To leave a message for carol use:
message carol did you get my message?

Channels on ISC are used for group discussion. You can join and leave any channel, and talk to all people in a channel. You can be in all channels at one time.
Use "channel" comamnd to get a list of channels and their numbers.

Use "channel +20" to join channel 20 and hear what's said on it. Use "channel -20" to leave channel 20.

Use "tell 20 Hello" to say "Hello" on channel 20. The command will print the number of players who received your message.

Use "vars name" to see what channels a person is in.
Use "finger 2" to see who is listening channel 2.