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ISC commands

There is a set of help files that explain all of the features of the Internet Scrabble Club. You can access them here as html files or on ISC server using the help command.

Most commands also have a menu equivalent. The help files explain how to use a command by typing it or using the interface. To see a specific help file type help followed by the name of the command. For example, type help tell for an explanation of the tell command.

Available commands:

abort accept adjourn adjourned allobservers ask
assess broadcast best buddies chat challenge
change channel check clear connect date
decline delete disconnect examine finger games
help history import kibitz library list
match message move noplay observe pass
pending personal play pool rematch report
resign resume say seek set sfilter
shout shuffle sought tell unexamine unobserve
unseek uptime vars whisper who  


Available topics:

adjudication bio clabbers clocks computers conduct
contacts cool dictionaries duplicate fairplay forfeit
groups helper intro lists privacy provisional